Nana's Gourmet G​oodies,llc.

Peanut Butter Paradise

Our delicious old fashioned peanut butter cake. It is a moist 2 layer cake, topped with old fashioned peanut butter icing, peanuts, and milk chocolate drizzle.

6 Inch $18                                    9 Inch $25                                    Local delivery only

Cakes are Local Delivery Only

to Ocean Springs, Vancleave, Biloxi and surrounding local areas of Mississippi.  Deliveries $10, discount are available,

Please call us at 228 282-9892

                               Chocolate             Peanut Butter Cream Cheese                Coconut

                            Original             Cream Cheese               Lemon              Sour Cream

 Cookie Cake   

Chocolate layers styled with blue "Monster" mounds and a mouth full of chocolate chip cookies. Perfect for a Child's birthday Shown has cake along with matching cupcakes. 
6 Inch Cake with 10 Cupcakes $25                                                   Local delivery only

 Coconut Pound Cake   

Coconut Pound Cake with a Seven Minute Icing. A moist coconut pound cake that will melt in your mouth, topped with old fashioned seven minute icing and toasted coconut. Craveability beyond what you can imagine.
Full Size $25                                                                                    Local delivery only

 Pound Cake   

Nana's is well know for her delicious moist pound cakes. They truly melt in your mouth. Made with real butter, farm fresh eggs, and a recipe handed down through the generations. Available in a variety of flavors and high on the craveablity scale.  Available flavors include Original, Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter Cream Cheese, Coconut, Lemon, Sour Cream. $19.99    Local Delivery and shipping 

Chocolate and Peanut Butter      

Old Fashioned Chocolate and Peanut Butter cake with delicious moist layers. You have a choice of batter layers (vanilla or chocolate, or a combo). It is topped with old fashioned peanut butter icing just like your grandmother use to make. Drizzled with peanuts and chocolate to increase the craveabiliy.
6 Inch $18                                                                                          Local delivery only

 Chocolate Buttercream      

Two layers of rich light chocolate batter, topped with our creamy chocolate buttercream icing. Left Picture is DEATH BY CHOCOLATE , Right has Vanilla Buttercream. It can be themed and personalized for any special occasion  9 Inch layers with a choice of Chocolate or Vanilla $25

Death By Chocolate $25                                  Vanilla Buttercream $25

Local delivery only

Chocolate Cake Cheesecake     

Two six inch amazing layers of devil foods cake, with an oreo cheesecake center, topped with creamy chocolate buttercream. Scrumptiously amazing.
6 Inch $30                                    9 Inch $35                                    Local delivery only      


This six inch Strawberry cake has amazing flavor with real strawberries in the batter. It is topped with a buttercream icing, strawberries and chocolate drizzle. It is truly amazing
6 Inch $18                                                                                        Local delivery only


Keylime Citrus at it's best. A moist light 2 layer cake infused with real Key West keylime juice. Topped with a keylime buttercream. It will make you dream of the sandy beaches of Key West.
6 Inch $15                                                                                       Local delivery only

Gourmet Cakes

Berry Extreme

Made from scratch, this cake has wonderful layers of vanilla topped with whipped cream cheese icing. So light and fluffy it will melt in your mouth. It has a delicious combination of blueberries, strawberries and gourmet chocolate in the middle and top to make an out of this world scrumptious experience.
6 Inch $18                                    9 Inch $28                                    Local delivery only  


Coconut "Aunt Lou's all-time favorite". Rich fluffy light vanilla batter layers, topped with an old fashioned seven minute icing and sweet coconut flakes. Cake comes with plain white sweet coconut.

6 Inch $18                                    9 Inch $25                                    Local delivery only

Red Velvet

This Southern delight is one of our most popular creations. Batter has the rich red velvet chocolate batter. Topped with our ever so popular cream cheese icing infused with pecans or can be ordered plain. 

6 Inch $15                                    9 Inch $25                                    Local delivery only

Peanut Butter Plain Jane

Peanut Butter Plain Jane. Our delicious vanilla cake with moist delectable layers. It is topped with real old fashioned peanut butter icing and topped with real peanuts. Just like grandmother use to make.

6 Inch $18                                    9 Inch $24                                    Local delivery only